About Us​

We at Sarita Textorium have got an array of clothing and textiles for ladies, gents and kids with reasonable prices and limited pieces. Our claim to fame are bridal sarees and customized sarees; our customized sarees are done in our workshop in Bombay and we have got an entire floor just for bridal sarees!

Sarita Textorium with apparel to suit any event and any individual, is a goliath in materials and attire with long stretches of involvement with obliging each taste. We don’t offer online purchases because we want to cater to our customers’ exact needs and designs.

Our History​

Sarita Textorium has been in the industry since 1988, with our wide collection of Asian apparel and prompt and reliable customer service. Sarita Textorium has thrust to the top of the bridal saree collection in Sri Lanka and customized sarees with over a decade of experience in the textile industry.


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