Kid’s Collection​

Engage your children with a wide range of exclusive toys such as ride-on cars, cycles, cable cars and our collection of strollers, trolleys, and walkers accessible over all brands.

  • From cute to fancy clothing for children, Sarita Textorium is the go-to destination for your children.
  • Our baby/Infants area covers all the moment needs of a infant child counting napkins, kiddie aprons, teethers, nourishing bottles, toy materials, and other child care items.

Boy's Collection

Sarita Textorium has the perfect kid for your son! T-shirts , shorts , pants – we got what you require.

Girl's Collection

We at Sarita Textorium have beautiful tops, skirts, denims, dresses, and shalwars anything you need for your beautiful daughter.

School Uniforms

Sarita Textorium has materials for school uniforms. We have a range of clothing linen available to get your uniforms tailor made.

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